Day: March 28, 2024

A Magic Mushrooms Dispensary is Opening in the USA Magic Mushrooms Dispensary is Opening in the US

magic mushrooms dispensary

A magic mushrooms dispensary is opening in the US. The owner says it’s the first in the country. He wants to sell mushrooms containing the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin. It’s a schedule 1 drug, on par with heroin and meth. This link

Customers at Chillum Mushroom and Hemp in Tampa can buy capsules, gummies, powders and mycology growth kits. The company also offers a “preparation session” where employees help people prepare to take psilocybin. They also stay with customers while they experience the drug.

The facility has been approved by local governments. It isn’t allowed to operate in residential neighborhoods or within 1,000 feet of a school. The bill doesn’t limit how much psilocybin manufacturers can produce, but it would require the centers to be licensed. It would also require a service center to have an integration session where an employee works with the customer on what happened while they were high.

The Ethical Considerations of Using Magic Mushrooms for Spiritual Growth

Psilocybin can change how a person perceives color, music, shapes and scents. It can bring up thoughts of depression and anxiety, or trigger a spiritual or religious experience. It can cause long-term cognitive changes. People with a history of mental illness or schizophrenia should avoid taking it.

It’s legal to grow and sell mushrooms in Canada, where many people use them for medicinal purposes. But it’s still illegal in the U.S. A number of states, including Oregon and Colorado, are considering decriminalizing the drugs for therapeutic use. It’s not clear when that could happen.