Day: May 14, 2024

AI Resources for Academic WritingAI Resources for Academic Writing

About AI Resources

This collection of AI Resources is based on emerging experimentation and research in the area of using AI for academic writing. These resources are intended to provide support for instructors as they encourage their students to use AI tools and to incorporate them into the learning process.

AI in Healthcare: Current News

For example, some AI writing assistants provide real-time feedback on sentence level grammatical errors as well as other aspects of the writing process such as readability or tone consistency. These features can help authors streamline their editing processes and produce polished texts faster. Some AI tools can also be prompted to perform broader language processing tasks, such as translating text or audio into different languages, or to identify synonyms.

Some AI tools offer more specialized research-oriented functions, such as finding new sources of information by searching through large databases of scholarly publications. This can save researchers time and help them to find articles that might be of interest to them. Some AI tools can even assist in analyzing data by performing statistical analysis and creating graphs, which can be useful for conducting literature reviews or for writing research papers.

Other AI-powered tools are able to write short pieces of text based on a given prompt. This has a variety of potential uses, including generating polite emails to professors or classmates, meeting agendas, or event promotions. However, these types of tools should not replace researchers’ critical thinking or creative work, as they rely on pre-existing research knowledge and existing research.