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Brunch Catering Tips For Handheld Catering and EventsBrunch Catering Tips For Handheld Catering and Events

If you have a morning brunch catering that starts before most people are even awake, or you’re planning a party with an early start time, brunch catering is a great way to serve up food and drinks for your guests. By following a few brunch catering tips, you can create a delicious menu that’s sure to impress your guests.

One of the best things about brunch is its versatility, so consider having a build-your-own brunch station where your guests can pick and choose what they want to eat. A station that has several different types of toast or bagels, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sausage, grilled chicken, different cheeses and spreads, and unique toppings like figs, dates, berries, or mushrooms is ideal as it can accommodate a wide variety of breakfast cravings.

From Bites to Banquets: Exploring the Diverse Menu Offerings of Handheld Catering and Events”

A waffle or pancake bar is another great brunch option, and you can offer a range of toppings including whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, nuts, dried fruits, flavored syrups, and powdered sugar. You can also add a few cold appetiser options such as quiche or smoked salmon to your brunch buffet for something a little more filling.

While coffee and orange juice are a good choice for beverages, you can give your brunch drink bar some added flair by serving up unique cocktails or mocktails. Think beyond the classic mimosa or bloody mary and instead include peach and lavender bellinis, pomegranate mimosas, grapefruit martinis, or unique drinks like rose with hibiscus or sparkling rosé with cucumber.

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