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How to Identify Pool Leaks

How to Identify Pool Leaks on the pool deck or in the yard is an alarming sign, but figuring out where it’s coming from can be difficult. Luckily, pool leaks can be easy to track with a little patience and the right tools.

Start by shutting off your pump and plugging all the drain, skimmer, and return lines with expansion plugs. A quick inspection around the perimeter of your pool will let you know if there are any damp spots or puddles near your suspected leak. You can also use a dye test to pin down the leak location. Just squirt food coloring around the area of the leak, and if there is water loss, the dye will get drawn into the crack or void and you’ll be able to locate the problem spot.

Making a Splash: Tips and Tricks for Effectively Detecting Swimming Pool Leaks

Next, grab a bucket and fill it up to the same level as your pool. Then mark the bucket inside and outside, and leave it overnight. The following day, compare the two marks to see how much the bucket water level went down. If the bucket water has gone down more than your pool water, that’s a pretty good indication that you have a leak somewhere nearby.

Shut off your pump again and take a walk through the equipment pad, looking for any wet spots or changes in the ground. If you can see a trail of wet soil leading back to the pool, that’s a good indication that it may be a plumbing leak in the pipes under the surface.

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