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How to Vet a Money Lender

Whether it’s to fund a real estate investment or jump-start your business, there are many options for borrowers seeking financing. While banks and other financial institutions are the traditional choice, private money lenders can offer a much more flexible lending process. It is important to know the different types of private lenders and how to vet them before choosing one.

A private lender can be an individual who has extra cash to loan out or it could be a company that provides private loans for real estate financing or other investments. These companies often have more discriminating standards and may be dedicated to certain investing niches, like real estate. They can also charge higher interest rates than traditional lenders, which can make it more difficult for borrowers to turn a profit on their deals.

Understanding the Basics: What Exactly is a Money Lender

Some borrowers may choose to work with a broker instead of directly with a private lender. This is a common practice as the brokers can shop their borrowers’ loan requirements to multiple direct lenders to get them the best possible terms. Brokers typically charge a fee for this service, but they should disclose this upfront to avoid surprises down the road.

When deciding to work with a money lender, borrowers should be aware that some private lenders have a reputation for predatory lending practices. These lenders can charge excessive interest rates and fees that can trap borrowers in a cycle of debt. Borrowers should also be careful to select a lender who has good customer service and is easy to communicate with.

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